Paul Penny

Leadership Coach and EOS Implementer in North Carolina

Paul Penny

Leadership Coach and EOS Implementer in North Carolina

More than ever, the world needs Alignment Superpowers. Pretty good chance your business does, too. That's my why.

Almost all small-to-midsize businesses face some common challenges: people issues, slower growth than desired, not enough profit, loss of direction, and that out-of-control feeling that nothing's working. These things keep you and your leadership team from making the impact you know you can make, and it robs you of energy for the other things in life that are important to you.

I work with leadership teams of 2-10 people to solve these problems, and accelerate improvement and results. I bring 30 years of diverse business-building, strategy and consulting experience (including growing two companies from startup to over $100million) to help leaders and their teams accomplish more.

As a leadership coach and EOS® Implementer, my mission is to help your leadership team develop your own Alignment Superpowers, to enable the growth and transformation you need.

In my experience, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® can be the fastest and surest path to build holistic alignment across a growing business. Read more about it here!

I have homes in Holly Springs, NC and Asheville, NC and do most of my work in those areas. But I love to talk with anyone my work resonates with!

What you see is what you get...I'm an Open Book...


PMAI: Creator, Sage, Warrior, Jester

DISC: High C/D, Objective Thinker

InstinctiveDrives ID: 7336

Kolbe A: 5474

StrengthsFinder: Ideation, Strategic, Individualization, Learner, Self-Assurance

Host of the Alignment Revolution Podcast, Author of The P Principles Primer, Blogger at AlignToLive

When I'm not with clients, I'm probably hiking in the NC mountains. Ask me about that if you really want to get me talking. :-)

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What clients say about me
Paul's approach is excellent at identifying the true goals and outcomes a business needs to achieve success. If you are interested in turning ideas into actions, I would definitely recommend his approach to achieving better results.
Principal, IT Consulting Company
Paul brought the right processes, tools, and attitude to the table throughout the engagement. He was instrumental in establishing a high level of trust among the team members, setting the right environment and in driving positive results. In addition to his contribution as a facilitator, he very quickly developed a good understanding of our business and exhibited the ability to find the critical point in a complex conversation. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul.
CIO, Global Training Company
Paul Penny recently facilitated a workshop for members of our team, with very good results. His facilitation process drove discussion across a diverse audience, and got ideas flowing for how to address some of our pressing challenges. I recommend Paul and his workshop approach if you need to drive team consensus and actions around strategic initiatives.
Senior VP, Data Analytics Company