Paul Penny

Leadership Coach in North Carolina

Paul Penny

Leadership Coach in North Carolina

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The world, your team, your customers, your business, and its leaders need Alignment Superpowers. I help build them. That's my why.

You and your team face unprecedented uncertainty and challenges. More than ever, leaders like you need to be at the top of your game. Get there by working with an experienced coach who is focused on your success.

My specialty is helping high performers become the inspiring leaders their teams deserve. I've been through this journey myself, and I understand the challenges. I want to help you get there faster than I did! I coach new and experienced leaders to grow their capabilities around strategy, focus, decision making, collaboration, empowerment, communication, and other leadership soft skills they need for sustainable success.

I bring 30+ years of diverse technical, consulting, business-building and leadership experience (including seven startups; two grew to over $100million). My passion is helping leaders and their teams accomplish more.

I have homes in Holly Springs, NC and Asheville, NC and do most of my face-to-face work in those areas. But thanks to technology, I can coach folks most anywhere!

When I'm not working with clients, I'm probably hiking in the NC mountains. Ask me about that if you really want to get me talking. :-)

Author of The P Principles Primer, Blogger at Aligning Leadership

What makes me tick, you ask? Scientists have been studying that for years!


PMAI: Creator, Sage, Warrior, Jester

DISC: High C/D, Objective Thinker

InstinctiveDrives ID: 7336

Kolbe A: 5474

StrengthsFinder: Ideation, Strategic, Individualization, Learner, Self-Assurance

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    • Aligning Leadership
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    • NC School of Science and Mathematics
    • NC State University
What clients say about me
I was feeling alone in a sea of questions, decisions and stress. What a relief to gain Paul as my mentor and coach at the beginning of 2020, 6 months after starting by business. He always has the perfect advice, explanation and references to the resources I need. I leave our meetings confident that I have made the right decisions and know the next steps to take and when. Trust his advice because he has a track record of real world success and wisdom that can only be gained by experience!
Software Company Founder & CEO
Paul was always there to give a perspective that would either make me re-think my assumptions, see my blind spots or re-investigate how I had arrived at the conclusion. Here is the bottom line: I learned a lot about myself through Paul. The things I learned were not always comfortable at the time, but were powerful lessons learned that I couldn't have seen by myself... If you are not satisfied with the status quo and want to push through invisible ceilings...have a chat with Paul.
Founder / CEO, Groundbreaking Data Analytics Company
Paul's approach is excellent at identifying the true goals and outcomes a business needs to achieve success. If you are interested in turning ideas into actions, I would definitely recommend his approach to achieving better results.
Principal, IT Services Company
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